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Photo Gallery - Pictures of Northern Vancouver Island

Northern Vancouver Island lies in a temperate rainforest biome which supports an extensive array of flora and fauna, while the waters which lap at our shores are home to a variety of marine mammals.


Our forests play host to black bears, deer, elk, cougars, and the Vancouver Island marmot while nearby rivers are renowned for their abundance of fisheries such as trout, salmon and steelhead. Bald Eagles soar high above on the thermal currents or sit in the tree tops while great blue herons stand motionless at the water's edge.


Visitors travel from afar for encounters with marine mammals such as orca whales, humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions, dall's porpoise, and harbour seals.


For your enjoyment we have included a variety of photos and travel photography depicting the beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and wilderness that surrounds Port McNeill. These Northern Vancouver Island pictures are sponsored by Rolf Hicker Travel Stock PhotographyWhales and Dolphins -, and - Pictures from all Canadian Provinces. A selection of these pictures are for sale as fine art prints at the Just Art Gallery in the main shopping centre of Port McNeill.


Pictures by Rolf Hicker Photography. All Images are copyright protected and can not be used without written permission!

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